Calling all fresh produce enthusiasts! Greensys is gearing up for an extraordinary Season 2024, filled with farm-fresh goodness running from June to October.


01/05 Rooted in Family Values

Greensys blossomed from the shared passion of a Ukrainian family who moved in 2017, driven by their deep-rooted belief in providing communities with wholesome, nutritious produce.

02/05 Naturally Nurtured Crops

Our farm thrives on natural growing practices, where every seed planted is nurtured with utmost care, ensuring not only bountiful harvests but also the well-being of our soil.

03/05 Unmatched Selection

At Greensys, we're not just about the usual suspects. We offer an exclusive array of produce varieties that aren't commonly found in stores or bustling farmers' markets, adding a touch of rarity to your table.

04/05 Transparency from Soil to Plate

We believe in open doors – or rather, open farms! Greensys invites you to follow the journey of your produce, offering complete transparency at every stage, from the fertile soil to the delightful dish on your plate.

05/05 Customized, Your Way

Your plate, your rules! At Greensys, we empower you with choices. Customize your orders, handpick your favorites, and shape each box to suit your preferences, ensuring a personalized, nutritious experience every time.
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